The Full Orange Day 31

SOLC 31 of 31

The challenge is finally done with.I’m so glad that this stupi……um not my favorite thing is over. I am genuinely so glad that this challenge is over.I hated it.A LOT.The idea itself is I guess cool but I don’t like how I had to blog everyday.Also,the fact that it was a Slice Of Challenge,limited a lot.If it was just a blogging challenge then maybe I would have enjoyed it more.Personally I just don’t like things like this.I’m much more of a hands on person.Like building things,fixing things,just hands on stuff.I feel like the prizes are going to be dumb.Like a book or a scented pencil.If it is then I just worked 31 days for something as small and dumb as that.I really wonder what my teacher’s definition of a “good”prize is.

Orange Peel Day 29

SOLC 29 of 31

Yesterday I could not blog since when I got home from school,I went to my friends house for his birthday and that lasted way too long.He did not have internet at his place and by the time the party was done,it was around 10 so I was already 2 hours past the deadline for blogs.

Orange Peel Day 30

SOLC 30 of 31

JUST ONE MORE DAY UNTIL THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER ! I’m so excited for when this challenge is done .I’m more so excited for the challenge to be over then the prizes.I feel like the prizes will be very bleh. Like  a book or something.

Orange Peel Day 28

SOLC 28 of 31

So I took my writing STAR today and man was it boring.The questions were very easy and the prompt was too.I wasn’t anxious of the test itself, I was anxious of what I’d do after I was  done.Now I have to get ready for my math STAR tomorrow which is going to be easy and boring.

Orange Peel Day 25

SOLC 25 of 31

The next two posts will be late posts since I forgot to post them on the actual day.My teacher let me make them up because she is the best reading and language arts teacher EVER.

The Zoo

Roses are red,violets are blue

Faces like yours belong in the zoo

Don’t be mad,I’ll be there too

Not in a cage,but

Laughing at you.

Orange Peel Day 24

SOLC 24 of 31

I’m not ready for next week.Well I am but i’m not ready for the boring hours of sitting  in a classroom after I finish my test.Usually for my tests,especially STAR tests,I finish in a hour or two.The rest of the time is me being bored and tired.

Orange Peel Day 23

SOLC 23 of 31

So I finished Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure today and it was really good.I really like the movie since it was funny and if you knew history a little,then you’d get some of the puns in it.There is a second one and I want to watch it but my teacher said that it is not as good as the first one.I still want to watch it though.

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